We've got a few quid left over in the kitty after all the entry fees for the season have been collected. As a result, and in addition to our league competitions, I'll be running League Cup and an FAI Cup competitions with €50 going to the winner of each.

They'll be knock-out competitions based on how many points you pick up on the cup weekends from your normal league predictions and goalscorer points. In order to take part, you just need to submit your predictions as normal - no further action is required. You'll be drawn against another player from our league and whoever picks up the most points over the relevant weekend will progress to the next round.

Points picked up from your normal weekly predictions and your goalscorer bonus points will make up your total. Joker scoreline points and the sack race bonus points won't count.

The draw for the first round has been completed with round one matches listed below. The first round will consist of 21 matches with eleven people getting byes to the second round. Then we'll progress from 32 to 16 to 8 etc. Look out for the first round results after the matches on the weekend of April 2nd and 3rd.

League Cup Round One - April 1st and 2nd
Gary Donnelly
20 42
Liam Regan-Guimaraes
Connor Edwards
27 32
Caroline Carroll
Joe Turner
30 29
Andy Dunne
Paul Moore
26 27
Gary Fitzpatrick
Jake Murphy
32 44
Anto Proctor
Alex Molloy
10 37
Justin Moran
Gerry Draper
29 42
Fiachra O'Brolachain
John Brophy
10 29
Francis Gilligan
Zach Merriman
0 37
Derek McDonald
Joseph Kavanagh
31 0
Henry Smith
Kenny Barrett
32 45
Keith Ryan
Niall Carroll
34 49
Gearoid McIntyre
Byes to Second Round - Gary Keating, Tommy Tormey, Karl Seale, Stephen Horan, Eoghan Brophy, Ian Kearns, Neil Walsh, Richard Johnston, Gavin Doherty, Gerry Moore, Trevor Rankin, Kevin McQuaide, Jay Thomas, Darragh Kenny, Conor Foley, James Connolly, David Power, David Doyle, Tommy Hamill, Graham Young
League Cup Round Two - April 15th
Justin Moran 17 34 Richard Johnston
Ian Kearns 12 24 Joseph Kavanagh
Tommy Hamill 22 19 Trevor Rankin
Francis Gilligan 12 0 David Doyle
Gerry Moore 7 32 Derek McDonald
Kevin McQuaide 17 20 Darragh Kenny
Stephen Horan 22 32 Graham Young
Jay Thomas 10 17 Anto Proctor
Gearoid McIntyre 4 20 Keith Ryan
Tommy Tormey 22 2 Caroline Carroll
James Connolly 22 22 Neil Walsh
Liam Regan-Guimaraes 15 22 Gary Fitzpatrick
Joe Turner 10 14 Fiachra O'Brolachain
Conor Foley 0 0 David Power
Gavin Doherty 27 0 Karl Seale
Gary Keating 7 17 Eoghan Brophy
League Cup Round Two Replays - April 18th
Neil Walsh 20 25 James Connolly
David Power 0 1 Conor Foley
League Cup Round Three - May 6th and 7th
Fiachra O'Brolachain 24 30 Eoghan Brophy
Derek McDonald 31 32 Anto Proctor
Gary Fitzpatrick 38 38 Tommy Hamill
Darragh Kenny 42 29 Graham Young
Conor Foley 8 36 Keith Ryan
Richard Johnston 0 41 Joseph Kavanagh
Gavin Doherty 22 35 Francis Gilligan
Tommy Tormey 33 41 James Connolly
League Cup Round Three Replay - May 13th and 14th
Tommy Hamill 34 54 Gary Fitzpatrick
League Cup Quarter Finals - May 27th
Darragh Kenny 25 30 James Connolly
Francis Gilligan 25 25 Joseph Kavanagh
Gary Fitzpatrick 27 25 Eoghan Brophy
Anto Proctor 10 27 Keith Ryan
League Cup Quarter Final Replay - June 17th and 18th
Joseph Kavanagh 39 9 Francis Gilligan
League Cup Semi Finals - June 24th
Joseph Kavanagh     James Connolly
Gary Fitzpatrick     Keith Ryan